Trinidad is a picturesque city where cobblestones, palm trees and warm colored houses are a common sight. You wouldn’t really expect this to be a funky place serving special cocktails. And yet I say, forget about Havana and it’s lousy prepared mojito’s and daiquiris. Because who really needs mojito’s when you can have a Canchânchara in Trinidad?

Thinking about Cuba and cocktails, the first things that will come to your mind will probably be Mojito’s and Daiquiri’s! I had the same idea and thus I set out to have my mojito at la Bodequita and my daiquiri at la Floridita, Hemingway style.

Arriving at La Bodequita del Medio in Havana, I saw 4 glasses half filled with sugar, mint and lime juice standing on the bar. The bar lady filled these up with sparkling water and started muddling this together. The drink started fizzing all over the place as she added rum. Part of the drink was spilled when the ice cubes were thrown in the glass. I was pretty sure this wasn’t how the mojito should be made and so I sipped my mojito and imagined how Ernest Hemingway would be turning in his grave this very minute.

La Bodequita del Media - Cuba

I couldn’t find another great cocktail in Havana and so I started to think that Cuba isn’t a great cocktail nation after all. And then I ended up in Trinidad where they have the Canchânchara!

Trinidad Cuba

No Parqueo Trinidad

The Canchânchara cocktail can only be drunk at the Canchânchara bar in Trinidad. The bar is very touristic and filled with local performers. Yet you should persist because this cocktail is something you should have had a taste of.

The Canchânchara cocktail ingredients:

  • Lime juice
  • Honey
  • Water
  • Mystical firewater (read rum)

The cocktail is served in a ceramic bowl along with a medling stick. It’s one of those cocktails that goes down way too easy as you can bearly taste the level of alcohol it contains.

So what you say how about another Canchânchara? Order up if you can still spell the word 😉