Hey there! Welcome to our blog.

We’re Kim and Sanne.
We’re a happily married couple and we love to spend our days on the road.

We ♥ Nature
It’s just a few extra miles. But the view will be totally worth it.
Kim thinks there are few things more inspiring and jaw dropping than nature.
So strap on your shoes because we love to hike.

kim and sanne at perito moreno in argentina

Our best nature experiences are:

We ♥ Culture
Just one more museum. I promise.
Sanne is an art historian with a love for modern art and architecture.
Travelling without visiting a museum or a temple just won’t do.

Our favourite cultural experiences are

We ♥ Local
Can we meet?
We love to meet locals because it’s an awesome way to learn more about a destination, the people, the culture and the local traditions. Homestays and working with local guides are the way to go for us.

Kim and Sanne with Lang, a Black Hmong guide

Our favorites

Hold on. What happened to Louise? Louise who co-started the blog decided to move to Amsterdam to become a kick-ass digital producer. She decided to put blogging on hold for a while. Her stories, such as the awesome Indian roadtrip, can still be found on the blog.

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