Going to Andalucia, I had one thing on top of my to do list: touring the local tapas bars. The charming city of Malaga with its vibrant back streets was the perfect place for some wining and dining . Here are 5 places to go for lunch, dinner, special occasions or when you feel like snacking away.

El Piyayo

Do: For nibbling tapas at Noon
El Piyayo is as traditional as traditional tapas bars can get. Picture an interior with a combination of colorful decorated tiles and photos of bull fighters. The reason to come here: their Ensalada Malaguena with oranges and bacalao-cod fish is a refreshing lunch dish. Benefit: the tapas bar is located close to the shopping streets and the main sights.

Ensalada Malaguena

El Tapeo de cervantes

Do:  For exquisite innovative tapas
El Tapeo de cervantes isn’t just the smallest tapas bar in Malaga – there is just enough room for the waiter to squeeze in between two tables – it’s also my favorite tapas bar in Malaga. The chef serves innovative tapas such as black pudding with sweet potatoes or anchovy with guacamole as well as classic tapas in a modern interpretation. Needless to say this cozy place has become very popular. Having a reservation or coming early is a must if you don’t want to wait.

El Tapeo de cervantes tapas

El Tapeo de cervantes tapas

La Teteria

Do: For Refreshing afternoon drinks
Ok this isn’t a tapas bar but with their wide selection of aromatic teas, herbal infusions and juices, La Teteria is the perfect place for an in between drink. Order an ice-tea with cinnamon and lime and marvel at the church just opposite or the people queuing up outside the Picasso museum.

Bodegas El Pimpi

Do : For kickstarting a romantic evening  
The Roman amphitheatre and the Alcazaba light up the sky at nightfall. The El pimpi terrace, located just opposite might therefore be one of the best locations in Malaga to kickstart a romantic evening. Order a cheese platter and make a smart remark about how Antonio Banderas was right to dine at a place with such a beautiful backdrop view.

El pimpi cheese platter

La Cosmopolita

Do : when you have the balls for it
You’re feeling rather bold? Great! Then order rabo de torro (bulls tail) at this cosy little tapas bar. The outside terrace which has a bit of an urban farm feeling going is a fun place to sit and watch people passing by.

rabo de torro

Do you recommend any other tapas bars? Let us know in the comments!

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