Although I didn’t think of Australia as a culinary destination, I was proven wrong. There is more to it than Maccas (ozzie for Mac Donalds) and BBQ’ing big chunks of meat. Lot’s of immigrants make it a vibrant destination for foodies. I didn’t expect this, but there is some amazing Greek and Asian food around. The culinary hype is growing fast as several Ozzie chefs are getting more famous.
No wonder everybody seems to – literally – sport their asses of. Sydney seems to be the most sporty destination ever. My friends go surfing before they suit up and leave for work. Being a dedicated snoozer, I think that’s pretty crazy! The city is full of beautiful people with toned beach bodies (very good people watching here, my boyfriend will happily confirm this), which is quite remarkable as Australia is officially the fattest country on earth. I only noticed this when we stepped away from the coastline. 50 km inland = 50 kg plus.

What’s better than discovering a city through some tasty food stops? I’ve listed 3 of my favorite places to grab a bite. Don’t expect high cuisine, see it as little activities as I’ve combined them with fun spots to visit.

1. Order a real Ozzie pie

Visit Harry’s Café de Wheels for a typical Australian snack. There are lots of disgusting pies around, but you won’t find them in this epic stall. They’re little pastries with a meat filling, topped of with a dash of mash and some gravy. I tried the most renowned ones: a funny pie with potato mash, green peas mash and brown gravy, and a curry pie with cheese sauce. Typical tourist spot, but a must-do. Even Pamela Anderson was here!

→ The Sydney Opera House is just a small stroll away. Walk along the seafront to get there.

Sydney food - Famous pie -

Sydney food - Harrys cafe de wheels -

2. Go and taste the catch of the day at the Fishmarket

Sydney is located in a natural harbor so the sea is never far away. The Fishmarket is the place to be for the freshest fish and seafood. There’s a happy bustle while you walk around and choose a plate of mouthwatering food to devour on the outdoor terrace. Just pick and pay. Think about no nonsense oyster bars, big crabs and lobsters, shellfish, mussels, sushi, … Asians, being seafood fanatics, go wild in this kind of places. The food is simple, straight forward and super tasty.

→ This place is in the western part of the city (sea the google map below). You can easily combine this with a visit to ‘The Rocks’ or Paddy’s market. This market is all about kitsch, they sell everything from tacky souvenirs to fruit and veg.

Sydney food - Seagulls attacking seafood leftovers -

Sydney food - eat at the fishmarket - www.daysontheroad.beSydney food - fishmarket -

3. Go for brekkie at Bondi beach

Brekkie is OZ for breakfast. On a regular sunday morning young people meet up for brekkie. The area around Bondi beach is perfect for this. I visited Green’s café, but there are several breakfast bars around. This is the perfect thing to do after a big night out. Go for a morning swim and the scrambled eggs will even taste better afterwards.

→  The Bondi Markets are located in the public school. You’ll find fashionable stalls of young designers and some vintage stuff. Only on Sundays!
Sydney food - omlet at brekkie - www.daysontheroad.beSydney food - brekkie bar in Bondi - www.daysontheroad.beSydney food - Brekkie at Bondi Beach -

Sydney food - Kings cross streets -

Find the 3 spots on this map or visit the direct link.

Sydney – Where to eat? show bigger map