8 years ago we first met, at the carnival in Aalst of all places. I’ll spare you the details to that story but I must say that this carnival probably has better vibes than Rio de Janeiro!
I know, my judgment is a bit clouded because I got to kiss the greatest girl. But still you should visit !

Anyway we hit it off and have been traveling together ever since.

This year we were going to Las Vegas and my girlfriend jokingly said: “Let’s get married in Las Vegas!”.

Traveling together

We wanted to be like fools rushing in. The joke became a little more serious when we started doing some homework on marriage packages including a singing Elvis.
We found out that getting married in Las Vegas isn’t as easy as those Hollywood movies make us believe.

First of all to marry in Las Vegas you need to get a marriage license. There is no rushing off to a little white chapel if you haven’t filled in the necessary paperwork.
I hate paperwork but we bumped into another problem: The state of Nevada hasn’t approved same-sex marriages which made it impossible to get a license.
Then again we could book a chapel that was willing to carry out a commitment ceremony. So no paperwork there, but the ceremony would have no legal value and we would have to redo the whole thing in Belgium.

We headed to Las Vegas thinking we would figure it all out there.
But when we got there everything felt a little fake. No, make that a lot.
We were standing in front of the pop-up wedding chapel which sold ugly ass t-shirts, with Ms. Right Now printed over the boobs.
Another wedding chapel which looked pretty at first turned out to be nothing put a plastic charade.

Las Vegas Wedding Chapel
We realized that a drunken guy and a singing Elvis, who was probably drunk too, would be the ones witnessing us say I DO.

I laughed and said: Let’s not do this
She: Yes let’s not. This city is not the one we are supposed to get married in.
But we should, you know, … get married.
Me: Yes I would like that.
She: Great.
Me: So we’re getting married then ?
She: Eum … yes.
Me: You’re not kidding right ?
She: No. You weren’t were you ?
Me: No. Ok then wow so this would make us engaged!

So there you have it. I decided to get engaged in Las Vegas.

It may not have been the typical knee drop, shiny ring proposal.
But the two of us standing at the Bellagio fountains promising each other to keep on sharing our days on the road was the real deal.

Bellagio fountains