When you arrive in Hoi An it’s hard not to notice the tailor shops. All of them make custom made suits and dresses in a matter of days. But where to start and which tailer should you choose?

Step 1: Be Prepared

It’s easier if you know what you want to have made in advance. A suit, wedding-, ball or beach dress, shirts, skirts, … Anything is possible. I had decided to get myself two dresses, of which one would be a Diane von Furstenberg designer dress. Kim on the other hand had her mind set on a classy women suit. To make it easier for the tailer, it’s better if you can show some visuals. I for example had made a Pinterest board and brought along a few prints. Once you have an idea of what you want, you can start to look for a tailor. We decided to follow the advice from our hotel staff. They recommended Bebe Tailor, which also had good reviews on Tripadvisor.

Bebe Tailor has three locations in Hoi An so we decided to go for the one on 40 Trần Hưng Đạo which was closest to our hotel. Finally make sure you stay around Hoi An for at least 3 days. If you want quality fabrics and clothes that fit perfectly you’ll have to go through at least two fittings. This gives the tailor time to finish off the little details.

Step 2: The First visit

Once you have decided on a tailor you can simply walk into a shop. There is no need to make an appointment and most of the shops are open until about 10PM. The friendly ladies at Bebe Tailor welcomed us and helped us through the whole process.

Remember how I had done my homework and brought some printed images? Well, Kim had done very little work in advance. So she was given an iPad which had been turned into a digital look book. Kim got to swipe through hundreds of pictures of women suits. The girls discussed every detail with us: the length of the jacket, the number of buttons, the pockets, the width of the lapel, …

Bebe Tailor Vietnam sketch dress

Next, we got measured from head to toe. Lengths, widths, circumference. Everything was noted down and made into a sketch. And then came the best part: we got choose our own fabrics. We decided on colors, patterns and the quality of materials.

Bebe Tailor Hoi An Vietnam measurment

Bebe Tailor Hoi An measurement

Bebe Tailor Fabrics

Step 3: Fittings and alterations

The next day we already got to come back for our first fitting. We had been a little nervous and curious about it all day. Is it going to be exactly what we wanted? Will it fit? And how is it possible to create two dresses and a suit in one night? But we had no reasons to worry. There were just minor alterations to be done. The sleeves on Kim’s jacket had to be shortened and the back of my dress had to be adapted a little. A few extra stitches and one extra fitting was all that was needed to finalise everything.

Step 4: The pick up

Finally we got to pick up all our clothes. They had been packed and folded so that they wouldn’t wrinkle and fit our backpacks. If you can’t fit them in your suitcase, there is always the option to ship them.


You can find Bebe Tailor at 40 Trần Hưng Đạo in Hoi An.
We paid $ 370 for two dresses and a suit.
Know that there is always room for a little negotiation.
Stay at least 3 nights in Hoi An to make sure they have enough time to create the perfect custom made clothes.