And I hope that I’m not wrong. Baby here’s where I belong. Every winter free of snow, San Luis Obispo.
It was the catchy Scissor Sisters song ‘San Louis Obispo’ that made my girlfriend want to visit.

At first I wasn’t to sure why we would want to visit San Louis Obispo, knowing it has no spectacular sights. SLO however has a special vibe going on, making it the happiest town in America.

Here’s 10 reasons why visiting San Louis Obispo will put a big smile on your face.

1) SLO is blessed with perfect blue skies and sunshine 306 days a year. Bring it on !

2) SLO is located in the Californian wine region. Did someone say happy hour ?

San Luis Obispo Wine Region

3) SLO lies at the Californian coast in between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Surfs up !

4) They have a little creek running through the center of town. You can easily cross the river by hopping from one stepping stone to another. Come on, who doesn’t love river crossing ?

San Luis Obispo

5) They have a great sense of humor. I found this toy store who had gone completely crazy on window decorations in Lion King theme.

Toy Store San Luis Obispo

6) Or what about the Gum wall in Bubblegum Alley? It might just be one of California’s weirdest sights. It’s a little gross and odd but also a colorful piece of emmm gum art.

Gum Wall San Luis Obispo

Gum Wall San Luis Obispo

7) There is a green painted Victorian youth hostel with a garden patio and a porch swing. You got to love the cosy grandmothers house feeling.
They even serve sour dough pancakes with maple syrup in the morning. Omnomnom!

San Luis Obispo Hostel

San Luis Obispo Hostel

8) People seem to love giving compliments.
Hello there, might I say you look lovely today?
Why yes you may !

9) There is a farmers market on thursday which usually turns into a big outdoor BBQ fest.

10) They have awesome burrito and taco places

Chipotle Burrito

San Louis Obispo, Baby here’s where I belong !

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