Rotterdam is a though to love city. It has no charming houses lined up beside little canals like in Amsterdam. It doesn’t have alternative markets filled with treasure shops such as the Marché au Puces in Paris. If you look for a green park in Rotterdam on google you’ll end up with parking spots as a result. It’s a skyscraper city that seems as if it once was a playground for bold architects. I must admit that Rotterdam wasn’t a destination I considered for a visit at first. And though I still haven’t put the city in my list of touristic must sees, Rotterdam became a passer-by city that surprised me just a bit with its museums filled with fashion, design and top-notch creativity.

Rotterdam Kunsthal

On sunday morning I got dragged along to the Rotterdam Kunsthal for the Pastoe exhibition. Looking at chairs wasn’t really my idea of fun on a sunday morning but I caved in and boy was I glad.Pastoe KunsthalPastoe KunsthalNot only was the Pastoe exhibition very good I also got to see one of the best exhibitions I ever saw: The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier. I knew very little about Jean Paul Gaultier and only associated him with sailors in white and blue striped shirts.
Yes shame on me. (Though there is a reason why this is a travel and not a fashion blog.)

The Fahion World of Jean Paul Gaultier red room

This exhibition however was a combination of top-notch creativity and hi-tech spielerei. Facial expressions were projected on the mannequins and the addition of sound and singing brought the dolls to life. Hundreds of visitors were snapping photos at  the moving runway show featuring dolls, which made me feel like I was at the New York fashion week. I was no longer looking at art but interacting with it. This concept of a modern museum exhibition experience catapulted classic museum set ups right back to the stone age.

It was such a mind opener and the best €6 ever spent on an exhibition or museum.

If you still want to see this show you’ll however have to book a ticket to Stockholm, London or New York.
I would absolutely recommend it, even for people like me who know squat about fashion.
Another option is off course to stay in Rotterdam and check out other great exhibitions at Kunsthal.

Boijmans Van Beuningen

And for the true culture buffs, there is still the neighboring Boijmans Van Beuningen museum.
It might sound a bit weird but what I actually love most about this place is the cloakroom.
You can hoist your vest up to the ceiling, making even your first museum interaction witty and fun.boijmans van beuningen cloakroom
The Infinity Mirror Room by Yayoi Kusuma and the video installation room where you can lie down on a big stretched out web of colorful ropes is also a lot of fun.boijmans van beuningen infinity room
If museums and exhibitions tire you then stay tuned for sleep and eat tips in Rotterdam.