Quick, cheap eats are an essential part of the American dining culture. Ordering something at a Food Truck is every day business. ‘Off the Grid’ in San Francisco groups over 30 food trucks and street vendors on one spot. This place is worth a visit when you’re traveling down the West Coast. I think it’s the ultimate food truck experience!

Off the Grid isn’t just about food trucks though it’s also about bringing people together and supporting local businesses.

It has a bit of an asian night market vibe but added with great live music, classic cocktails and craft beer all night long.

It’s located at Fort Mason in San Francisco so you can also eat your food in the park nearby. I dove right in and tried out the following food trucks

Fort Mason Park San Francisco Off The Grid

Off The Grid San Francisco Food Truck

Onigilly Samurai Snack

Onigilly is a traditional Japanese fast food known as onigiri or Japanese rice balls. It is said that samurai used these as a quick meal during wartime. They are made with pressed rice and a savory filling wrapped up in seaweed.
It’s quite different from sushi though as onigilly are made from brown rice that is not flavored with sugar or vinegar. They also don’t come with raw fish or soy sauce. The only thing giving it flavor is the savory ingredients. It’s pretty good but I’d pick sushi if I had to choose.

Off the Grid, Onigilly Samurai Snack Food Truck

Bini’s Kitchen – Nepalese Food

Bini’s Kitchen sells Nepalese Food. I loved their momo: vegetable dumplings with the slightly spicy secret sauce. Got to try these!

Off the Grid Bini's Kitchen Food Truck

Alicia’s tamales

Alicia claims that the best tamales are stuffed with love and the best people are stuffed with her tamales.
I never had tamales before and thought they were pretty good but I am not won over completely.

Alicia's Tamales Food Truck

Alicia's Tamales Food Truck Off The Grid

Koja Kitchen

The Koja Kitchen food truck offers a clever combination of Korean and Japanese Food and had a lot of people lining up.
The kamikaze fries were my favorite Off The Grid dish. The criss cut fries topped with vegetarian meat (or korean BBQ beef),  kimchi, green onions and drizzled with signature sauce and Japanese sweet mayo were fingerlickingly good.

Koja Kitchen Food Truck

Curry Up Now

Another vender worth mentioning is Curry up now. Their Indian street food looked absolutely delicious. There was an enormous waiting line but I couldn’t stuff another dish. If you tried it comment below and let me know if it’s as good as it looked !
Curry Up Now Food Truck Off The Grid


Off The Grid Do It Yourself

Where: Fort Mason, San Francisco
When: Every Friday night from 5PM to 10PM
Cost: Free entrance. Dishes under 10$

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