Sidi Ifni is a small Moroccan village by the beach where the waves and the wind decide on the pace of life. It’s the kind of village where you would expect .. well not much. But hell no, this is the place where hammamammas and hippies have set house. Ready for a Moroccan experience you aren’t likely to forget ?

A hammam Experience

When I went to Sidi Ifni I wanted to try out a traditional local hammam experience. So I left my fear and towel at the hammam door and went for a hammamamma massage rub.
Going to a hammam is pretty serious business over here and it is considered a clensing ritual.
A real Moroccan hammam has nothing to do with wellness as we know it in Europe. So forget about soothing music and gentle massages.
The hammamammas were big women with mustaches discussing, squabbling, heck even yelling over at each other while shaving off their pubic hair at the same time.

It’s the sort of place that would leave me screaming, but I was glad I didn’t. I just surrendered to the rubbing and scrubbing of my body by the big moustachy hammamma. She rubbed a brown gewy soap onto my body until I felt like my skin was coming off. I then had to rinse myself by pouring big buckets of hot water over my head.
And I must admit I felt as if I had a new skin. A baby soft one. It’s not the kind of feeling you have when you put some lotion on it. No it felt a if my skin had been renewed. A must do if you aren’t the prude type.

Lagriza hippy beach

But there is more than hammammas in Sidi Ifni. There is a place where I felt like I had gone back in time. Or no, there is a place where people had no notion of time.
Sidi Ifni
We accidentally discovered the place when we went to the Plage Lagriza.  There are fabulous rock formations on the left side of the beach but few people seem to head in the other direction. It is quite the walk and it takes a bit of climbing if you want to reach this place.
But if you persevere, you will reach a place where hippies are living in the rocks of Lagriza beach. They live here without water or electricity.

Hippies Sidi Ifni

Hippies Sidi Ifni

And as it is with good old hippies they asked us to drink a cup of tea with them. It’s quite an impressive way of living.

Sidi Ifni Hippies

So if you go, make sure you won’t get filled up with the green fairy stuff because you still have to climb your way back to Lagriza beach.