I’m not a big tea drinker. Not to say that I actually don’t like tea.
The traditional English afternoon tea experience however is something I had to try at least once in my life.
And let’s be honest, any excuse to fill up the gap between lunch and dinner is a good one !

I knew afternoon tea was available at the most upscale London hotels but I decided to go the extra mile. The Kensington Palace Orangery was the perfect choice as it is the only royal palace in London where you can enjoy traditional afternoon tea.

The Orangery is a very popular place and it’s best to make a reservation if you want to avoid a 30 minute wait like me.
Luckily I got treated with a royal backdrop view.
But not only the backdrop view is royally exquisite.

Kensington Gardens waiting for afternoon tea

The Finger Food

When we saw the 3 level stacked plates filled with delicacies, we forgot about the wait instantly.
At the bottom of the stack were mini sandwiches with smoked salmon and cream cheese, honey roasted ham with English mustard and cucumber and mint. On the second level were orange scented and currant scones with Cornish clotted cream and strawberry jam. These were my favorites ! On the top-level were at least 6 varieties of cake and pastries.

Afternoon tea food kensington gardens

All of it tasted so good, my brother started giving us a ‘Joey doesn’t share food’ look.

Kensington Garden not sharing food

The Tea

The tea is served with a focus on flavour and special attention to styling.
A lovely but important detail was the Mary Pop-in umbrella-shaped restrainer installed in the spout.
The restrainer keeps any leaves from ending up in your cup and stops tea dripping from the spout after pouring. It also makes it possible to brew the leaves in the pot without using an infuser thus optimizing the flavor.

It was so exquisite, my dad his tea drinking pinkie reached for the sky

Drinking tea kensington park

Mary pop-in umbrella tea restrainer

The Service

Great food and drinks taste even better when they are served by a friendly butler.
The guys here might just be a showcase of proper british gentlemen. I have seen them offering an arm to elderly ladies and escorting them to their tables which I find quite charming.
My girlfriend enjoyed being pampered and felt like princess Kate.

London afternoon tea Kensington

So if you are looking for some afternoon tea, the Kensington Palace Orangery might be the ideal place !

Tip: Take a walk in Kensington Gardens or the neighboring Hyde park to digest all the scones you ate.

Walking Kensington Gardens

Do It Yourself

Afternoon Tea at Kensington Garden Orangery : Each day 14-17h –  24£ per person