I feel like I’m in preschool again. No don’t hold it like that! The bee wax can drop out of the container if you do it that way. Now turn the canvas. Be careful you’re holding your pencil wrong again. AAAAARG!
I’m in Yogyakarta trying to master the art of batik without dropping hot bee wax on my feet. And it’s hard! Do you think you are up for the task? 

I was born clumsy. But if I can take a batik course, than you surely can too. Heck even a 5 year old could do it! Ok, I might have dropped the hot bee wax on my foot in the first 5 minutes. After which I also said: 

Me: I can’t do this. It’s too hard.

To which my teacher Jago, who wore a bend spoon around his wrist and a self-made batik t-shirt said: You can do anything you set your mind to.

Wait there is no spoon right? What is he? Neo from the Matrix? Because in that case he just uploaded batik skills to his software system right? 
But all jokes aside, Jago is a true artist. He makes the most difficult of patterns while singing to pop songs. He and his parrot Milo, who cheerfully hops on his shoulders, make me smile. And so I give it another go.

Jago shows me how to use my hands to apply colors to the painting and create smooth transitions between them.
We fixate the color, blow-dry it with an ancient hairdryer, cover it with hot bee wax and then apply a second layer of color. It’s a time intensive process but one of the most fun things I have done on this trip.

2_0004 copy

Sanne batik drawing lines with hot bee waw

Hot bee wax for batik

batik coloring painting

Batik creating smooth transitions

Batik drawing clouds with paintbrush

batik drawing

Batik hairdryer

Batik fixating color

Batik cooking off hot bee waw

Batik boling off wax

Batik result

At the end, when all beeswax is boiled off, the colorful painting gets revealed.
And I’m actually quite proud of the result. 

So do you like the result? Would you like to follow a batik art class yourself?

Do It Yourself

You can book a batik course at Kelik or through the Via Via café.
Address: jl. Menukan, Karangkojen 
Email: susibatik110@hotmail.com
170.000 rp/person