The Parje Natural Torcal de Antequera is well-known for its strange limestone rock formations that date back to the Jurassic period, 150 million years ago. It is said to be one of Andalucias most quirky nature parks with an out of this world scenery.
Sounded like the perfect place for us to do a little adventurous hiking!

El Torcal Limestone rock formations

Getting to El Torcal wasn’t super easy, that is if you rent a little Suzuki Splash like we did. It took us half an hour of driving from Antequera up the mountains in second gear, and yelling ‘Come on car you can do this!’, before we reached the visitor centre.

From the visitor centre, which lies at 1336m, we could opt for 2 well signposted hiking trails: The Ruta Verde (green route – 1,5km) or the Ruta Amarilla (yellow route – 3km). Both routes offer views over the strange limestone pillar rock formations, and both trails require you to wear hiking shoes.

El Torcal Hiking routes signpost

Yikes! We left our hiking shoes at home. Stupid I know. So we started conquering the rocky path in sandals and sneakers. Word of advice: Always wear hiking shoes!
Halfway we decided not to tempt our luck by climbing rocks without the propper footwear and so we opted for the Ruta Verde.

El Torcal climbing limestone rocks

Sanne hiking El Torcal

But we were still rewarded with dramatic views.
El Torcal really is a must visit if you are looking for a short but adventure filled hike and gorgeous nature.

El Torcal National park hiking

El Torcal Andalusia

Do It Yourself

The entrance to the park is free.
Tip: Fill the day by combining this with a visit to Antequera.
Antequera is located a 1 hour drive north of Malaga.