We had been driving along the rough coastal Highway 1 and had left Big Sur behind us. One hour outside of San Francisco, our next stop would be Pescadero, where we found California’s best fish tacos and spent the night at Pigeon Point lighthouse.

Pigeon Point lighthouse, lies at a remote location and has partly been restored  into a youth hostel. It’s surrounded by nothing but a field of yellow flowers on one side and the ocean smashing up against the rocks on the other.
To top it off: they have a hot tub installed at the outer edge of the cliff!

Pigeon Point lighthouse

Kim at pigeon point lighthouse

The only problem was finding a place to eat. The lighthouse is located at a 10 to 15 minute drive from civilization.
According to an old Lonely Planet guidebook, California’s best fish tacos were to be found in the Taqueria y Mercado de Amigos in Pescadero. In a newer version of the popular travel guide, the taqueria had however been removed from the dining list.

We took our chances and drove up to Pescadero which looked like a ghost town at nightfall. After passing a few wooden farmer barns we drove up to an orange painted gas station. There was no sign of the taqueria.

Orange pianted gas station Pescadero

We decided to walk inside the gas station where we found the Taqueria y Mercado de Amigos, still selling tacos.
I ordered two plates of fish tacos with bean stew and rice.
The fish had been beautifully baked with a golden outside crust.
5 minutes later, Mexican workers started drizzling in bit by bit. All of them coming for a plate of tacos.
I must say that it’s one of the most quirky but also one of the most satisfying $4 meals I have ever had.

Taqueria y Mercado de Amigos

Taqueria y Mercado de Amigos Fish tacos

Back at the lighthouse we found out that there weren’t many guests, but almost all of them had heard about the hot tub at the edge of the cliff. Reservations had to be made at the front desk and I was lucky: There was one spot left!

The hot tub was fenced off from the outer world, so the view was all ours.
I brought a basket of strawberries which I had bought at a farmers market in Santa Cruz. One hour-long we enjoyed sunset at the cliff from a hot tub.
By the time we returned to our room, the lighthouse had been lit and it illuminated the surrounding rocky landscape.
A picture perfect night.

Pigeon point lighthouse hot tub

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

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Tip: Whale watching season runs march to may