Fuerteventura. It’s quite a sensual word when you say it out loud, right? Fu … erte … venturrrra.
Now think of a beautiful spanish lady or guy saying it: Fuerteventura. Man doesn’t that sound super exotic? I couldn’t resist visiting.
I’ll even throw in a little extra in case I haven’t convinced you yet: this Canarian island, off the cost of Africa is blessed with year round sunshine and strong winds, making it a surfers paradise.

Fuerteventura Beach

The friendly people at 7 Island surf had even agreed to give me surfing lessons.
When a storm however hit the nearby islands, bringing in stronger winds, surfing became to dangerous. The lessons were cancelled.
Luckily I came up with a plan B to experience those beautiful beaches.

I walked up to the reception desk at the hotel.

– Hello, I would like to rent a motorcycle to bike across the island. Do you know a place where I could rent one?
The desk clerk pulled a strange face as if an alien had just spoken to her.
° No I don’t know. Not many people rent motorbikes on the island.
– Why is that?
° Because of the wind. It’s very dangerous.
– Dangerous is my middle name baby !

Ok, ok, I didn’t really say that.
But I didn’t give up and went downtown persisting in my quest for a motorbike rental.

When I finally found a scooter rental I had some trouble convincing him that San and I were experienced drivers.
Which we aren’t, but he didn’t need to know that.
My story about cruising through Thailand on a scooter – not mentioning that it was only for 15 minutes – however seemed to convince him.

Fuerteventura Beach scooter rental

We drove around the island for a bit, but I got truly excited when we started cruising the FV-1 from Corralejo to Puerto del Rosario.
We passed by Parque Natural El Jable where the ocean, on one side of the road, shows colors from green turquoise to the deepest of blue.
Experienced kite surfers were riding the waves and taming the winds.
On the other side the landscape changes from golden sand dunes to black volcanic rocks.

Fuerteventura Beach

Fuerteventura Beach Kite Surfer

We stopped to take some pictures of this moon like landscape.

San posed like a true Chanel model would on a scooter.

Fuerteventura Beach scooter

I on the other hand looked like I was a silly space cowboy.
I started running around on the beach with my helmet on, pretending I was an astronaut discovering a different planet.

Maybe that’s the best thing about Fuerteventura: it has an out-of-this world exotic feeling to it. It makes you dream. It allows you to find your inner child.

Fuerteventura Beach running

Fuerteventura Beach

Do It Yourself

Motorbike rental: Moto@SK – Avenida Principal Corralejo. €26 for a day