You think the Egyptian Red Sea Riviera is just for people who want to spend their day at the beach?
Well, with temperatures rising above 20 degrees all year round, you can hardly blame them. But it’s also a great place for travelers who want to spice up their holiday with some adventure and culture. Here’s 5 things to do at the Red Sea in Egypt.

Quad Racing

There are a few ways to travel in the desert. Going on a bumpy camel back ride could be one. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an experience you should try at least once. But if I’m honest, I prefer a quad ride to a camel any day of the week. Yes it’s hot, sweaty and extremely dusty. But driving at 65km/h through this desolate landscape is absolutely thrilling!

  • Wear a long pair of trousers ( I didn’t) to protect you from sun burn.
  • Buy or bring a scarf against the dust. Badass look guaranteed.
  • Train your thumbs. You’ll need to push a button nonstop to give gas. (Yes, they should slap the person who came up with that feature.)

Egypt desert Quad


I was a little anxious to go diving, knowing my two previous dives ended in a puking fest. But my dive at Safaga was a real treat. I got to see a huge turtle, bright-colored fishies and laughed my ass of with the crazy moves of my diving buddy Tjoolaard.
It not only was a perfect dive spot, we also got the perfect goofy guide to put us at ease.
He had 3 simple lines of advice:

  1. Stop Thinking.
  2. Just keep breathing.
  3. Now enjoy the experience.

Yes sir! Don’t mind if I do.

Egypt Diving Safaga

Visting the Luxor Temple

The first impression I got when I entered the Luxor temple in Egypt: “Are we the only ones here?” and “those are some big ass statues!”

Before the Egyptian revolution 10.000 to 15.000 people a day visited the Luxor temple. It was impossible to take a picture without someone photobombing it. Now, it was just us and a few locals. It’s a bit odd because it’s perfectly safe to visit and they have excellent guides who turn the abstract hieroglyphs into fascinating stories.

Did you for example know that according to the ancient Egyptians a warrior should always step into a fight with his left foot first? Yes, they believed that the left part of the body was stronger than the right part because the heart is located on that side. To impress possible opposers, all Ramses statues therefore stand with their left foot forward.

luxor egypt temple statues

luxor hierroglyphs

luxor sphinx

Sunset on the Nile

Watching the sun go down on the river Nile has a special vibe to it. The feluccas who silently navigate the waters add a historical feeling to it that inevitably will make me remember it forever.
And if you want to add a little kitsch to the experience: Go on the Semamaris river boat cruise. It was one of the most absurd evenings I ever had. Kalinka violin player and christmas lights included!

River Nile Sunset


My first wakeboarding experience summarized would be this: I gulped down a few litres of sea water and fell face down in the water more often than not.
The Sliders water park flyer said ‘It’s easy’.
But honestly it’s not. And yet, the few seconds I was sliding through the water, riding that wakeboard, I felt victorious. After which I gulped down some more water.
Tip: Wear a wetsuit if you aren’t keen on losing your bikini. Almost happened.

wakeboarding Red Sea Sliders
(cc Toni De Coninck)

So which of these experiences would you like to try out first?

Do It Yourself

Go quad biking at Oasis Safari in Hurghada.
Go diving at the Nemo Dive Hotel in Safaga.
Go wakeboarding at the Sliders Waterpark in El Gouna.
See the sunset and visit the Luxor temple in Luxor.