Kötbullar, gravlax, smörgasbörd. They are real tongue twisters those swedish dishes. But don’t let that stop you from eating out in Stockholm! Not sure what to order or where to eat? Below are 5 tips!

Grilled fish at B.A.R

My colleague Robert, who lives in Stockholm told me to go for dinner at B.A.R. I’m still grateful for that tip because it’s one of the best fish restaurants I have eaten at. EVER!
I loved that I could step up to their fish tank and ice counter to choose from their selection of daily brought in fish and seafood.
The fish was nicely grilled and accompanying side dishes with avocado and pomegranate were excellent. The laid back atmosphere and the modern interior only added to my happiness.

B.A.R. Stockholm Fish Restaurant

B.A.R. Grilled Fish

Kötbullar at Den Gyldene Freden

Do the infamous Kötbullar meatballs contain reindeer meat? It’s a bit of mystery I’ll leave to you to discover. But it sure adds to the excitement of ordering them, doesn’t it?
Try the kötbullar with lingonberry sauce at Den Gyldene Freden, the oldest restaurant in Gamla Stan. They have taken the infamous Ikea balls to a nobel prize level!

Köttbullar Stockholm

Smörgasbord at The Grand Hotel

Smörgasbord is a festive swedish 5 meal course for those of you who can stuff it. There aren’t many places in Stockholm where you can find it year round, but the Veranda at Grand Hotel is one of them.
All dishes are presented in a big buffet, but you are considered to follow the smörgasbord etiquette:

  • Start off with the herring dishes. These were my favorites and go well with their 1874 Grand Aquavit.

Herring Dishes Smörgasbord

  • Move on to the gravlax (salmon) dishes with pressed lemons.

Gravlax Dish

  • Salads, eggs and charcuterie are for round number 3.

Swedish Salad

  • The fourth round is for hot dishes such as kötbullar. I was pretty stuffed by the time I got to the these.

Smörgasbord Hot Dishes

  • Leave some room for round number 5: Dessert! Their large choice of chocolate mousse, cakes, ice and fruit salads it’s not to be missed.

Dessert Smörgasbord

It’s a bit on the expensive and touristy side but still fun to do at least once.

Fried Herring at Nystekt Strömming

From a 5 meal dining experience to fast food. If you love hamburgers, street food and fish, then Nystekt Strömming is the place to be. The food cart can be found just outside the Slussen tunnelbana station and it’s a popular local lunch spot. Their herring burger with red onion salad was the perfect quick snack.

Nystekt Strömming


Nystekt Strömming Fish

Homemade pie and fika at Café Petissan

Because pie is a proper meal, head over to Café Petissan in Skansen. The café has a traditional 19th century Swedish decor with flower wallpaper and chandeliers giving it a cosy grandmothers house feeling. Tip: Pick a piece of pie and ask for the homemade vanilla sauce! All you need now is some fika (coffee) to go with that.

Café Petissan Register

Café Petissan Skansen

Café Petissan Pie

Do It Yourself

So where would you love to eat? Are there any other places in Stockholm you recommend?