Croatia was recently elected as the favorite beach destination by Belgian travelers. Not Tunis, Turkey or the Canary Islands as I expected. Nope, they chose Croatia. And if you ask me it’s a pretty good choice.
Sure you may ask yourself:” what is so much better about beaches in Croatia?”. Well, Croatia has three great assets.

First of all the surroundings are phenomenal. I went to Croatia in 2006 and I must admit that the many islands, little bays and high mountains rising up at the coastline won me over in no time. The sights here were jaw dropping and the atmosphere was cosy. The little alleys and spectacular sunsets grew so hard on me, it was hard to leave.


Dubrovnik alley

Croatia sunset

Second of all Croatia isn’t only about natural beauty, it also has a lot of sights in store. Two awesome UNESCO sights are the Plitvice waterfalls (it’s on my to do list) and the old town of Dubrovnik. But don’t stop your visit at these big sites. Heading up to the smaller coastal villages such as Cavtat is perfect if you are looking for restaurants serving up fresh fish dishes. For me fish simply tastes better when I can smell and see the sea.
I would also recommend taking a boat and hopping the many Croatian islands. I visited Korčula, which is a lovely island if you go there without expectations of the Marco Polo mumbo jumbo.

Croatia Korčula
The third reason to like Croatia? Well it’s cheap. Prices are still reasonable over here and you don’t have to spend big to enjoy all this beauty.

The only downside that was listed in the Belgian travel research was that beaches in Croatia are getting too crowded. I was quite surprised to read this as beaches were still pretty much deserted back in 2006.

Croatia pool sea

But if you really need to avoid the crowds here is a great tip: start at the coastline of Dubrovnik and head southwards towards the even less visited Montenegro. It’s priceless!

Dubrovnik harbor