Sunday Morning, Brick Lane is filled with hundreds of people looking for street food, street art or a vintage fashion piece. Amoorie had pointed out this edgy market in between curry houses and beigel shops in East London. I was determined on eating a curry dish, but I ended up sitting on the street curb, eating spinach and feta cheese pancakes.

The problem is that I get distracted pretty quickly.

I got drawn into little alleyways with graffiti art and courtyards with food stalls.




london east end graffiti bird

I sat down on one of the wooden picnic tables looking at wacky people for about an hour.
Like the high-hatted hipster cyclist or the black-bearded man across the table, who was wearing a metal band t-shirt, and lurking from a Moroccan pipe while reading the newspaper.



Looking at this picture, I might have inhaled a bit too much of his smoke.


I also found the Beigel Bake shop selling Hot Salt Beef bagels. Which for some awkward reason, I didn’t taste.


No, I ended up in the Boiler food Hall of the Old Truman Brewery. There were Indian curries, mexican wraps, cupcakes and tarts and so much more. Since I had already stuffed myself with afternoon tea desserts, I decided to go for something ‘light’, a spinach and feta cheese pancake. 



And then I sat on the street curb for about an hour, enjoying the sun and some more wacky people.  I must say that I love distracting sunday mornings on Brick Lane.

Do It Yourself

Get up early on Sunday 9am-5pm and take a metro to Aldgate East or Liverpool station.