Everyday thousands of people visit the Angkor temple complex in Cambodia.
Is it still possible to take a photo at Ta Prohm without someone striking a Tomb Raider pose in the background?
Or amazing yourself over one of the smiling faces at the Bayon temple without having somebody nozing up to it ? Or what about seeing the Angkor Wat sunset or sunrise alone? You might get lucky if you pick your moment but if you really want to avoid the crowds there is another way.

If you are up for some adventure you should go for Beng Mealea where you can roam the jungle ruins by yourself. Let me convince you using a Lonely Planet statement: “Angkor’s ultimate Indiana Jones experience. Nature has well and truly run riot here”

Beng Mealea is a one hour drive outside the main Angkor sites and thus less visited. I left all luxury behind for one night to have the place truly for myself. Here’s how :

Get a good guide who is “friendly” with the temple guards. (get those dollars out) Contact us if you are interested in getting a guide that can take you.

Arrive after dark at the temple and walk via a jungle path to the guards watchhouse. (flashlights come in handy !)

Cambodia Beng Melea Temple

– Share a greasy sandwich and an Angkor beer with your guide.

– Try sleeping in your US Army hammocks (ask your guide to bring these as sleeping on the ground is less comfortabel) at the guards watch house just beside the temple.

Sleeping at Ankor in a hammock

Now Get up before sunrise and see the temple in all it’s beauty and all by yourself !

 Beng Melea Angkor Temple

Angkor Beng Mealea ruins

Angkor Beng Mealea ruins

Angkor Beng Mealea jungle