All of a sudden your feet are extremely tired, someone is getting hungry and therefore grumpy, it starts to rain, … Before you know it, you’re checking out kitschy menu cards filled with ugly food pictures. Yes, those kind of restaurants. The expensive tourist traps. I decided to eliminate those moments.

I want to visit the gems. The real spots, the places you don’t have at home, the things that locals, bloggers or magazines recommend. Those are not necessarily the addresses you’ll find in the major guide books.

Google Maps to the rescue

I’ve tried several ways to collect random tips and pieces of information, but now I’ve made my choice. I’m sticking with custom Maps by Google. I love this system. It makes my inner autistic side go wild.


I started to enrich my Amsterdam map with the help of some hot-spot-spotting friends. As you will notice, we mainly focussed on food. Sorry, we’re food fanatics who strongly believe the best way to discover a city is to eat your way around it.

On this map…

♥ Drag Queen Bingo at a weird cafe The queen’s head
♥ Gorgeous spot for Japanese dumplings Le Fou Fow
♥ A Majestic viewpoint NEMO
♥ A restaurant in a former sea helicopter deck REM
♥ The apple pie walhalla Winkel 43
♥ Fleamarkets
♥ … your hidden gem? Pretty please! 🙂


  • ♦ OFFLINE: If there is no free wifi, it can get really expensive to check the map regularly. It may be handy to print the map or save a screenshot, to combine it with the list of places.

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Collective external memory

I’m updating some other maps as-well: Paris, Antwerp and Brussels. The London version is coming soon. The Mumbai map can be found here.

The best thing about this concept is the fact that the map is constantly evolving. Everyone can participate and suggest to add or remove places.

What do you think? Which spots really need to be added to this Amsterdam map? Let me know!